Food sustainability with the Regina Food Bank.

Junior League of Great Alton.

The Regina Food Bank, four seasons, and Urban Agriculture have all in common? Food sustainability.

It is important for the food bank to work with the community to fight hunger and food insecurity. The charitable organization provides programs to educate and support nutritious food distribution, guiding people, and the community towards solutions.

During the field trip in my environmental education class, there were questions for us to come up with and ask the food bank.

My questions involved a deeper understanding with individuals whom have no access to transportation or in assisted living, local farmers involvement, and a name change.

1) Is the food bank partnered up with local farmers? 2) has there been a discussion about having a different name than “The Regina Food Bank?” And 3) Will the food bank develop a different system for collection bins? Only 4 places are listed on the website, is there other alternatives instead of bins and food drives? Would it be considered to create a service for those who do not have access to transportation or live with challenges?

Cycles on Pinterest by Stu Gagnon.

Due to time wise, I was unable to ask all three questions. However, the name change was something I would of liked to bring up, as the term “bank” is a financial institution licensed to receive deposits and give loans. If we as a community are advocating for food insecurity, does it not seem the name eliminates the purpose of its cause?

I’ve always wondered if local farmers are partnered up with the food bank? Are materials donated by local stores and residents? Does the food bank sort and handle their bins in an effective way or could their been a different system for organizing and using plastic free crates?

The question I got to ask was number three, the only answer I really was given is there is a bus stop in front of the food bank, delivery services for assistance living and care home. I suggested how bigger corporations hire personal shoppers, could they have volunteer shoppers?

There were some unease with information told by the food bank. They had received a 100,000 grant from the government and used it to build an insulated greenhouse with technology based agriculture. The tower domes one alone can spend up to $7,500, only up to 8 or 10 were growing and a bunch not built.

Also, it was explained that they can not build an outside garden due to the soil being contaminated from the big trucks and refinery. How safe is the location? If there is no access to outside use, what is to say the air coming into the ventilations is sage or clean? Now with that assumption, wouldn’t it been possible to ask the community what to do with the money or those who depend on the food bank. Could they have used the money to move their location into the old Costco building?

Is the Regina Food Bank improving their system or lacking sustainability, what would you say?


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